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промышленное строительство
группа компаний

(831) 218-30-18
Н. Новгород, ул. Рокоссовского, д.8, корп. 1



Промышленное Строительство

About company

The company «Industrial construction LLC» is a construction company which has been working at the market of Nizhegorodskij district since 1998 and is specialized in industrial building construction. Having a great technological, scientific and economical potential «Industrial construction LLC» is an actively developing construction company. The company has great experience in constructive, installation and special works using high modern technologies of national and foreign construction.


We have 15-years great experience in designing and construction of any complexity:

1.Industrial function objects

2.Residential building

3.Transport construction objects

4.Electrical power system objects

5.Heating system objects

6.Gas supply system objects

7.Water supply and sewerage system

8.Reconstruction (restoration) social and cultural heritage objects


Our company can perfom as a prime contractor: it is an organization, planning and controlling all construction and installation operations.


The company can also perfom as a subcontractor for production required constructions, complete supply of constructive materials and equipment, building assembling (installation) or several montage works.


Modern equipment, qualitative constructional materials, highly qualified collaborators and responsibility at each level are the principal, fundamental components for successful functioning of our company. We can design and realize projects of any complexity.


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(831) 218-30-18
Н. Новгород, ул. Рокоссовского, д.8, корп. 1